Comet Hale Bopp April 1997




I am excited about and fascinated by the night sky. I offer an energetic 45 -60 minute indoor presentation on 15 astronomical topics followed by a guided tour of the night sky using telescope and laser pointer. Bring binoculars  if you have them and telescopes if they are portable.

On a clear, moonless night away from urban areas, the sky offers an amazing array of astronomical delights; stars, constellations, planets, meteors, star clusters, nebulas, the Milky Way, other galaxies, satellites and occasionally, the international space station. Understanding space and time is a healthy mind altering experience; wrapping our head around some of the amazing facts of our universe is stimulating and entertaining.

 Meteor Showers… There are ten major meteor showers during the year! Check on line for exact peak times.

Name:                                       Location                                    Date:                                        Rate                                                            ( in the night sky)   (every year)    (Number per hour)
Quadrantids NE near  Draco January 4th 25 – 100
Lyrids NE near  Lyra April 21st 5 – 15
Eta Aqarids E  near  Aquarius May 4th 10 – 20
S. Delta Aquarids SE   Aquarius July 27th – 29th 10 – 35
Persieds NE    Perseus August 12th 30 – 70
Orionids E    Orion Oct. 20th 10 – 30
S. Taurids E     Taurus Nov. 3rd – 7th 5 – 15
Leonids E    Leo Nov.  16th 10 – 20
Geminids E    Gemini Dec. 13th 20 – 80
Ursids N. Little Dipper, Ursa Minor Dec. 22nd 5 – 15