First Aid Kit

On trips I carry a comprehensive 54 item wilderness first aid kit. This, combined with my wilderness first responder training, awareness of risk management and good planning, will go a long way in avoiding serious problems in remote areas. The kit consists of: Adhesive bandaids, “After bite” for insect bites,  Acetaminophen, Anaphylaxis kit (for severe allergic reactions), Antibacterial wipes, Antiseptic hand sanitizer,  AR shield, A.S.A., Athletic tape, 1/2 inch adhesive tape, Alcohol antiseptic towelettes, Benadryl allergy medication, Blister pads,  2 inch gauze roll, Gauze pads – 2″, 4″ & abdo pads, 2nd skin burn pads, Canesten antifungal cream,  Eye drops,  Eyewash cup, Emergency reflective thermal blanket, Feminine hygiene pads and tampons, First Aid Booklet, Gravol, Hemorroid suppositories, Hydrocortisone cream, Hydrogen peroxide, Ibuprofen, Immodium, Irrigation syringe, Laxative, Mole skin, Polysporin, “Q” Tips, Razor, Safety pins, Scissors, “SOAP” notes and pencil for recording and patient management, “Steri strips”, Sunlight soap for poison ivy and sumac,  sunscreen, Tegaderm, Tensor bandages, Thermometer, Tick remover, Triangular bandages, Tweezers, Vaseline, Vinyl gloves, ‘Wet Ones’ antibacterial wipes and exrta Zip lock bags.